Stone Run Capital LLC, is an independent, SEC-registered investment advisor founded in 2009. Our clients include charitable organizations, individuals, and family offices. We manage equity and fixed-income accounts. Our focused investment strategy capitalizes on our knowledge of specific companies that lead their niche industries and have proven their ability to take market share over time.

We employ rigorous fundamental research in order to own great companies that win in their target markets. Our search for investments emphasizes a company's competitive strengths, secular growth profile, and valuation. Our priorities are risk management and capital preservation.

We believe that winning companies lead to winning investments.

Our disciplined, analytic approach across a wide range of industries has built a universe of target companies that we actively meet with, follow, and analyze. We employ uncompromising quantitative financial-statement modeling and valuation criteria to select opportune times to invest in these businesses for long-term capital appreciation.


The firm's strengths include:

  • Investment Focus: Stone Run's investment professionals target a concentrated group of companies that best fit the firm's investment approach and criteria. We focus assets in about 35 businesses.
  • Long-term Horizon: Our emphasis on investing in companies for three to five years provides an advantage in a market dominated by short-term thinking. Many of our core positions are companies that we have owned for over five years.
  • Client Focus and Service: Stone Run's team takes great pride in being chosen to manage assets and to act as a fiduciary for clients.


Behind The Name

A “Stone Run” is a geologic formation that has endured, while other surrounding areas have eroded. In hiking and mountain climbing, stone run boulders are firmly positioned and offer safe passage across a physically dangerous landscape.

The stone run is a metaphor for our conviction in investing in companies that possess stable and predictable growth characteristics. Our companies win by taking revenue share in their target markets, and provide greater safety in the ever-changing global investment environment. These companies endure over time. Most importantly, in our world of incessant short-term pressures, the stone run continually reminds us of the importance of long-term thinking.

We look forward to discussing our philosophy with you.